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Today corporations are required to fulfill their responsibilities as members of society beyond simple profit-seeking organizations. At a time when the society demands an increasingly higher level of corporate responsibility, corporate social responsibility(CSR) activities serve as very important elements to reduce the potential risks of corporations and increase their potential sustainable growth.

Recognizing the importance of CSR, we engage in a variety of
activities to promote joint growth with all employees and partners
around the world and perform our social responsibilities at the
countries where we operate.


The essential precondition of efficient CSR is the corporation's sustainable growth.

Joint Growth with Our Partners

It is extremely important to recognize business partners as growth partners. We regularly offer the HANLIM(H&L) Corp. Global Standard and the consulting of Compliance team to all of our partners so that they can eliminate potential risks in advance and promote the sustainable growth to work with us. We are fulfilling Creating Shared Value(CSV) activities by ourselves as well.

CSV activities include a series of activities performed to achieve the joint corporate value of profit generation through the transference of know-how including the systems and work processes to partners.

Contributions to the Community

Since most of workers at our overseas factories are local community members, our activities of contribution to the community considerably promote their motivation to work and sense of belonging

Educational Supports
We arrange schools and childcare facilities that take care of children while their parents work at our factories. We also offer grants for children's education and childcare to all of our employees with children aged 18 or younger regardless of gender. Those efforts of ours contribute to the cultivation of talents in the community as well as a work environment where our workers can feel safe and relieved.
Experience Programs
We offer job seekers in the community an opportunity of experiencing the factory work for a certain amount of time, thus helping them figure out their aptitude and pick a career. They can benefit from our education class at the production facilities and the chances to learn from our skilled workers, if necessary.
Healthcare Counseling
The specialized medical clinic at our Vietnam factory provides our workers and their families with healthcare counseling and simple check-up service.
Protection of Environment

The interest in the environment is rising, and the environmental rules are increasingly demanding. It is thus essential for corporations to take care of environmental protection issues for their potential sustainable growth.

Environmental Assessment
We are subjected to an annual diagnosis of environmental assessment by a local specialist in the community where our factory is located. We also reinforce our regular management and supervision system by allocating professionals of environmental assessment and harmful substance management to the local compliance team.
Treatment of Harmful Substances
The compliance team and its members trace and monitor the entire process from warehousing through usage to treatment for all the harmful substances used at the factories including chemicals. They treat harmful substance wastes by making a contract with the local specialists.
Zero-Emission Boilers
We have installed boilers with a filter for pollutants to minimize the amount of pollutants discharged into air. We also entrust inspection to local specialist to do regular tests for harmful gas.


Both the management and employees share the visions of the company and move toward the common goals with the same drive, which is a core prerequisite for increasing the possibilities of sustainable growth and fulfilling social responsibilities. The management should make efforts to form transparent and developmental relationships with all employees and induce voluntary participation from all to realize the visions.

Both the management and the employees of HANLIM(H&L) Corp. keep the 7 Codes of Conduct for those purposes

Both the Management and the worker should make joint efforts for the prosperity and development of the Company(H&L).
The supervisors should give their subordinates clear and reasonable job instructions, and the subordinates should do their best to complete their tasks based on the given instructions.
Both the Management and the worker should observe the principle of "mutual etiquette" in all forms of communication.
It is extremely important to recognize cultural differences in communication with members from different home countries. They are asked to refrain from words and actions that can cause a misunderstanding between each other.
The Management should not enforce any discriminatory(due to age, nationality, gender, religion, etc.) policies to the worker and the worker also should not commit an act to disturb the sound working environment for their personal tastes.
Both the Management and the worker should make constant efforts to improve the wrong practices and review each other's opinions according to the "principle of trust and good faith."
The Management should accept a meeting request from the worker union any time, and the worker union should make a meeting request to the management only with a fair and reasonable case.
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