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Who We Seek

We are looking forward to your challenges on our path
to the status of the most substantial top player
in the global garments manufacturing & trading business.

Talent Requirements

01 They should be modest and considerate of others.
True confidence derives from the virtue of humbleness. We want talents who will contribute to the achievement of common goals through efficient collaboration by being considerate of their colleagues all the time.
02 They should fulfill their duties through hard work.
The Heaven helps those who help themselves. We want talents who do their given tasks silently and persistently move toward the common goals rather than those who focus on embellishing themselves on the outside splendidly.
03 They should solve problems in creative methods.
A rolling stone gathers no moss. We want talents who have the capabilities and active attitude of investigating new things all the time and solving problems in creative viewpoints that are different from the conventional practice.
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