H&L Corp. was established in 1988 and has grown into what it is today the preeminent manufacture and exporter of the licensed sports apparel for all of the
major sports leagues including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and also college league. We export 100% of our products to the oversea markets through the global
brand marketing channels. Taking advantage of the strong life-time partnership with our NY based buyer and our strong financial stability, we continue to
grow in pursuit of quality innovation and active global market exploration.

Our headquarters is in Seoul Korea and main production base is in Vietnam.

Time-honored Record of Service / Specialty in Jerseys & Fan gears / Manufacturing of the Licensed sports apparel and All kinds of Men & Women & Kids
Active and Fashion wears

We are proud to manufacture the sports-centered apparel with cutting edge styling and top quality for global customers.

H&L Corp. For the Human and Life

est. overseas factory in VIETNAM2016. 02


2011. 11est. overseas factory in CAMBODIA


built new head office Bldg. (Mapo-gu, Seoul)2005. 12


2002.01manufacturing official licensed garments of U.S sports leagues


est. representative office in CHINA2001. 01


2000. 09manufacturing in CHINA


manufacturing in BANGLADESH1995. 03


1992. 06manufacturing in HONDURAS


obtained license of trading business1988. 11

est. HANLIM(H&L) Corp.1988. 09

The top global leading manufacturer and exporter of the licensed sports garments achieving the best quality and substantial growth

  • TrustT we keep our utmost trust with the clients based on our connections with them

  • OpportunityO we constantly capture new opportunities to increase our competitiveness

  • ProductP we strongly believe that products of the highest quality will lead to the highest level of trust and new opportunities

We all conduct the 5 management code to fulfill the TOP 3 values.

First customer satisfaction management through by keeping customer-first principle in mind
Second innovative management through by keeping active attitude and constant self-development
Third responsible management through by keeping obligation of good faith and sound ethical consciousness
Fourth field-centric management through by listening closely to the voices of the field
Fifth communication-centric management through by eliminating unnecessary formalities


As a specialist in knit wear manufacturing , we have two major categories of products;

licensed sports apparel for all of the major sports leagues including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA all kinds of men & women & kids active and fashion wears
  • Licensed Sports Apparel

    Since 2002, we are manufacturing the licensed sports apparel after making an exclusive production agreement with our buyer
    who has an exclusive contract with U.S sports league's official association for the right to use their trademark and merchandise its products.

    Licensed Sports Apparel
  • General Apparel

    Our comprehensive line of products includes various custom garments such as T-shirts, pants/shorts and dresses to meet the customers' needs as well
    as the functional clothes including golf wears and outdoor wears.
    We apply our high level of production mechanism and product quality, which has been qualified for long period in the global licensed garments market,
    to our general products as well.



  • The accumulated know-how of quality assurance
    acquired through manufacturing and exporting
    the licensed products for global customers over
    a long period of time



  • One-stop system from sample to bulk production
  • Competitive vertical materials supply chain
  • in-house printing mill / press facility and sample
    room on site



  • prolonged working with global brands
  • satisfying all COC & GMP & QMS
    strictly required by global customers



  • periodic audit from global customers
    as well as daily examination by our
    independent compliance team on site
  • secured brand protection for our
  • Fabric/Trim/Accessory

    We have very stable sourcing system of fabric/trim/accessory built through longstanding relationships with our suppliers around the world.

  • Graphic/Applique

    We have in-house printing mill and also our own state-of-the-art facility that can press over-sized twill as well as various labels.
    In addition, with our qualified partners of printing and embroidery, we maximize our professionalism and production efficiency for graphic programs
    and we have our own development program to offer the new trendy graphic design and applique technique for our customers.

  • Workmanship Enhancement

    We operate in-house sample room at factory location.
    Our specialized sample team studies sewing construction in depth for each style and they are dedicated to finding
    the best process to ensure the highest productivity and quality in bulk production.


We can make more sophisticated production planning by leveraging our own all-in-one work system called H&L IDEAL(Integrated Data
Existing in Accumulated Layer) and we are achieving highly efficient production based on it in very fast moving business environment.

Also, this system allow us to do real-time monitoring the entire procedures from the fabric factory-in to the finished product shipping
and we are taking real-time action against any problem.

Our main production base is located in Vietnam.

H&L Apparel (VIETNAM) Co., LTD established in February 2016 in-house print mill and press facility all brand new & many of the latest automation machines speed to the market
Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance is the core of our production process.
We have independent Quality Control team(QA/QC) who has been fully entrusted all the authority of quality from buyers.

Categorized by 3 phases & 7 sub-stages in accordance with work flow from materials to shipment.

  • Phase I
    Materials QC

    1. Fabric QC
    2. Accessory QC

  • Phase II
    Input to Finishing

    3. Matching QC
    4. Roving QC
    5. Endline QC
    6. Finishing QC

  • Phase III
    Pre-Shipment Inspection

    7. QA Inspection
    (AQL 2.5)

Sophisticated real-time quality inspection by assigning quality supervisors to each sewing line and also rigorous 100% pcs-by-pcs quality inspection by dedicated QC team throughout 4 times before pre-shipment inspection.

  • Matching QC

    100% pcs-by-pcs inspection for cut panel
    including print/EMB/twill on it

  • Roving QC

    1 roving QC supervisor each per 3 lines

    Checking products integrity under sewing by roaming around their lines and take action immediately if any misconducts are found

  • Endline QC

    100% pcs-by-pcs inspection for finished garments coming from each sewing line

  • Finishing QC

    100% pcs-by-pcs inspection for finished garments after ironing

We faithfully implement not only the global standard for production and quality, but also all matters related to our employees
welfare/environment prescribed by the international community.

We are subjected to periodic audit including Labor, HSE(Health,Safety,Environment) and GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) from
accredited institutions nominated by global customers.

Labor/HSE covers;
  • Mutual respect among employer/employees
  • Fairness
  • Occupational Safety
  • Sustainability including environment matters
GMP covers;
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Building and Facility
  • Raw Materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Records
  • Labeling
  • Inspection
We, HANLIM(H&L) Corp.,

expect all our employees/suppliers to understand our efforts to promote the member’s welfare and to use resources
responsibly and efficiently in accordance with global standard.

strongly believe that strict adherence to the global standard will enhance our sustainable growth resulting in the highest
productivity and the best quality.



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We have established the H&L principle of ethical management to realize values
that benefit for both the company and employees, and also to become a socially responsible global player.

  • 아이콘
    Vocational Ethics

    Both the company and employees
    make joint efforts to prevent potential
    illegal acts by enacting and announcing
    the Charter of Business Ethics which
    call for the needs that we all should be
    equally responsible for all the outcomes
    as an equally-valued companion.

  • 아이콘
    Anti-Corruption and
    Prohibition of Bribery

    Under the supervision of the relevant
    executives, vocational ethics education on
    sound work culture is conducted periodically,
    internal compliance system is strengthened
    and all private money transaction among
    our employees or with any employees
    of suppliers are prohibited.

  • 아이콘
    Improvement of Working
    Environment and Protection
    of Human Rights

    We comply with all requirements
    including specific Code of Conduct(COC)
    provided by our customers,
    Charter of the International Labor
    Organization(ILO) and local laws
    in which overseas factories are located.

Today's company is required to fulfill its responsibility as a member of society beyond simple profit-seeking organization.
At a time when the society demands an increasingly higher level of company responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) serves as very important element to reduce the potential operational risk and increase the sustainable growth of company.

Recognizing the importance of CSR, we engage in a variety of activities to promote joint growth with all employees and partners in all countries where we are.

Joint Growth with Our Partners

It is extremely important to recognize our business partners as a growth companion.

We regularly provide our suppliers the COC consulting prescribed by HANLIM(H&L) Corp.
so that they can eliminate any potential operational risk in advance and encourage the sustainable growth with us.

We constantly strive for Creating Share Value (CSV).
CSV includes a series of all activities which should be performed to achieve the mutual benefit
(Company, Employees, Partner and Community) as a higher dimension of CSR.

Contributions to the Community

Since most of employees at our overseas factory are local community members,
our activities of contribution to the community promote their motivation to work and sense of belonging.

We arrange schools and childcare facilities that take care of children while their parents work at our factory. We also pay subsidy for children's education and childcare to all of our employees with children aged 18 or younger regardless of gender.

These our efforts contribute to the cultivation of talents in the community as well as the better working environment where our employees can feel safe and relieved during their work.
We provide job seekers in the community with the opportunity to experience factory work for a certain period of time to help them identify their job suitability.
The specialized medical clinic at factory provides our employees and their family with healthcare counseling and health check-up service.
Protection of the Environment

Interest in the environment is increasing and environmental regulations are becoming difficult.
Therefore, it is essential that company manages environmental issues well for sustainable growth.

We get an annual environmental assessment diagnosis from the government authority where our factory is located.

Also, full-time manager in charge of environmental assessment and management of hazardous substances is assigned to our compliance team.
Treatment of
The compliance team does daily monitoring the entire procedure from use to disposal of all hazardous substances.
We make a contract with local agency accredited by government to dispose of hazardous waste.
All of the boilers we currently use are electric boiler which does not emit any harmful pollution.

Both the management and employees should share the vision of the company and move forward heading for mutual goals with the same direction, which is a core prerequisite to enhance the sustainable growth of company.

For this, the management should make efforts to form transparent and developmental relationship with all employees and then, encourage the voluntary participation of all to realize the mutual goals.

  • 01

    Both Management and employees should make joint efforts for the prosperity and development of the company.

  • 02

    The supervisors should give their subordinates a clear and reasonable job instruction and the subordinates should do their best to complete their given tasks.

  • 03

    Both management and employees should keep the principle of "mutual etiquette" in all forms of communication.

  • 04

    It is extremely important to recognize culture difference in communication with members from different home countries.
    Each individual should refrain from words and actions that may cause misunderstanding of the other.

  • 05

    The Management should not enforce any discriminatory(due to age, nationality, gender, religion, etc.) policy to employees and employees also should not commit any action to disturb the sound working environment due to their personal taste.

  • 06

    Both management and employees should make constant efforts to correct the wrong practices and listen carefully to each other's opinions based on the "principle of trust and good faith".

  • 07

    The Management should accept a meeting request from the labor union and the labor union should ask a meeting request to the management only with fair and reasonable agenda.



  • Addresskorea62 Worldcup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul KOREA (HANLIM Bldg.)
  • Tel+82-2-336-0081
  • Fax+82-2-336-0202
  • E-mailinfo@hanlimcorp.com

Overseas affiliates

  • AddressvietnamD_11_CN Lot, My Phuoc 2 IP, My Phuoc Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, VIETNAM
  • Tel+84274-2221544 / +84274-2220445
  • Fax+84274-2220446
  • E-mailinfo@hanlimcorp-vn.com

We are looking forward to your challenges on our path to the status
of the most substantial top player in the global garments manufacturing & trading business.

Talent Requirements
  • 아이콘 They should be modest and considerate of others.

    True confidence derives from the virtue of humbleness. We want talents who will contribute to the achievement of common
    goals through efficient collaboration by being considerate of their colleagues all the time.

  • 아이콘 They should fulfill their duties through hard work.

    The Heaven helps those who help themselves. We want talents who do their given tasks silently and persistently move toward
    the common goals rather than those who focus on embellishing themselves on the outside splendidly.

  • 아이콘 They should solve problems in creative methods.

    A rolling stone gathers no moss. We want talents who have the capabilities and active attitude of investigating new things
    all the time and solving problems in creative viewpoints that are different from the conventional practice.

  • 1. Recruitment Division

    Headquarters - Seoul, KOREA

    Overseas affiliates - VIETNAM

  • 2. Application period

    Announcements will be made at the time of recruitment.

  • 3. Support method

    Use the recruitment portal site.

  • 4. Department for KOREA


    5. Department for VIETNAM